Christopher Forthman, MD
Shoulder, Hand, and Elbow Surgeon
Dr. Forthman provides a comprehensive orthopaedic upper extremity
practice covering a broad spectrum of diseases from the shoulder to
the hand.  Commonly treated disorders include shoulder arthritis and
rotator cuff tears; elbow and wrist instability and fractures; and hand
problems such as thumb arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.  

Dr. Forthman is fellowship trained in complex upper limb
reconstructions.  He is sought after to perform innovative and
sophisticated procedures such as:

- reverse shoulder replacement for flail arms
- vascularized bone transfers for recalcitrant nonunions
- tendon grafts for chronic soft-tissue injuries
- nerve transfers for paralyzed hands
- hand and arm transplantation

Minimally invasive techniques such as arthroscopic management for
tennis elbow and endoscopic nerve release are frequently offered.  
And Dr. Forthman leads a trauma team nearly every week
reconstructing some of the most complex hand and arm injuries
occurring in Maryland and the surrounding states.  

Surgeries are performed at Lutherville Surgicenter, Union Memorial
Hospital, Westminster Surgicenter, and Carroll Hospital Center.
Dr. Forthman hails from Maryland and, after completing his education,
settled back in Maryland with his wife and children.  He is a former
collegiate wrestler and enjoys running, biking, and other outdoor

A commitment to patient education and evidenced-based medicine
separates Dr. Forthman's practice from many of his contemporaries.  
He is honest and enjoys discussing both the art and science of
managing his patient's problems.  

Dr. Forthman is dedicated to delivering personalized care - always
considering each patient's goals and health care needs.  His patients
include athletes, laborers, professionals, gifted musicians and artists,
the young, and the old...
Dr. Forthman trained in Orthopaedics at Harvard with an emphasis on
complex shoulder, hand, and elbow surgery.  This comprehensive
education laid the foundation for Dr. Forthman’s subsequent upper
extremity fellowship at the Curtis National Hand Center in Baltimore.

Dr. Forthman teaches Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgeons each week
at the National Hand (Shoulder/Elbow) Center.  He has multiple active
research projects and publishes / presents nationally and
internationally on disorders of the shoulder, hand, and elbow.  He
also gives local television and radio interviews on popular topics.

Dr. Forthman regards physician quality, effectiveness, and efficiency
as key to providing optimal patient
care.  He writes on these topics
and serves as the Chief Medical Advisor for the Delta Group - one of
the nations largest privately-held healthcare information services
Providing quality
care for the
Shoulder, Hand,
and Elbow.
Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons